Dear readers!


We congratulate you with upcoming holidays and present the fourth issue of the Economic scientific magazine «Investment evaluation»!

In this issue we continue to acquaint readers with new methodological developments in the field of investment appraisal, evaluation of the rights and practical recommendations for practitioners to engage intellectual assets into economic circulation and management.

In the fourth issue, in addition to the traditional categories «Investment planning» and «Attracting investment» presents new section «Enterprise economy».

It highlights different issues related to cost management in the enterprise, and managing enterprise assets, issues regarding depreciation and accounting policy, and many others.

The rubric «Attracting investment» has traditionally been devoted to consideration of sources of funding, areas of investment and management of private capital.

The heading «Investment planning» is a theoretical section that includes articles on theoretical foundations and technology investment planning, as well as new tools and capabilities in this field, in particular in this issue considers the problem of determining the economic risk on the basis of financial analysis of a company.

We invite interested researchers to publish their materials on the pages of our magazine. As before, the journal is a platform for the exchange of scientific and practical experience in the field of economic studies and research at the intersection of science.

I express my gratitude to authors of journal, editorial Board, editorial Сouncil for their hard work in creating the journal.

I wish all the readers and authors of creative achievements in scientific research!


sincerely yours,
chief editor
Economic scientific magazine

«Investment evaluation»
Candidate of Economic Sciences,
Lekarkina N.K