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Online evaluation of commercial real estate in Moscow

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Дата публикации - 27.03.2021 г.
Автор - Онлайн-сервис АФОС
Сайт - cepes-invest.com

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AFOS Real Estate Evaluation is an online service for instant evaluation of commercial real estate in Moscow.

The service is a complex that allows specialists and interested persons who do not have specific knowledge in the field of valuation activities to find out the value of commercial real estate in a matter of minutes and automatically form an AFOS Conclusion.

After you specify all the characteristics of your property, AFOS Real Estate Assessment will instantly calculate the cost and issue an AFOS Report in PDF format of approximately 15 pages, which will contain a variety of cost indicators for all types of space in the object.

A sample of the AFOS Conclusion can be downloaded in your Personal Account after free registration in the AFOS online service.

AFOS Real Estate Valuation will be useful for you if you plan to invest your money in buying or you want to rent commercial real estate in Moscow. If you are the owner of commercial real estate in Moscow, then with the help of the online service AFOS you can monitor the value of your real estate in real time.

At the moment the online service of AFOS is presented in Russian. If it is important for you to use the service in English, please write to us by e-mail info@cepes-invest.com, we will be happy to cooperate.


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