Editorial Board

Chief Editor:

Lekarkina N.K., Candidate of Economic Sciences, Deputy Director, CEPES

Deputy Chief Editor:

Baramzin N.K., Deputy General Director for IT CEPES, specialist in complex information security of automated systems, specialist valuation of enterprise, specialist in accounting and auditing.

The Members of the Editorial Board:

  1. Gavrilin N.P., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, head of intellectual property Department The company NEP
  2. Ilyin A.A., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, The company NEP
  3. Lekarkina T.P., Candidate of Biological Sciences, senior researcher. Has a 43 years scientific experience in the field of Microbiology. Worked as an editor at the Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI RAS)
  4. Panov G.A., Candidate of Medical Sciences, head of the Department of Chinese medicine in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  5. Postoyuk N.A., Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, senior researcher at the Center pharmacopoeia and international cooperation
  6. Pokhily E.Y, Candidate of Economic Sciences, certified FSFR expert in the field of financial markets, specialist valuation of enterprise
  7. Baeva Y.V., Deputy Head of the Department of Economics, Kazakhstan branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  8. Golovanov I.S., engineer-researcher at the Institute of Organic Chemistry ND Zelinsky Russian Academy of Sciences
  9. Krahalev V.S., Zend Certified Engineer, expert on information technology and information security, National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»
  10. Ryabkov A.S., expert on information technology and information security
  11. Pietro De Martini Ugolotti, Master of Science, Civil and Structural Engineer - Geotechnical Specialist and Project Leader - Tecnimont Civil Construction, Milano, Italy
  12. Fabien Odet, Master of Economics, Financial turenne lafayette group, Paris, France