Rules of presentation of articles

  • The scientific article may be granted by the author in writing and/or electronically.
  • You must also provide a signed application form-consent (download) for publication in written and/or electronic form.
  • The article can be sent by mail to the address of the publisher and/or the e-mail address
  • The editorial office of Economic scientific magazine doesn’t consider manuscripts if they do not meet the requirements.
  • The editorial office of Economic scientific magazine has the right to make editorial changes and to reject the manuscript. The article may be published with the necessary revisions. Rejected articles are not returned. The editorial office of magazine is not responsible for the accuracy of the citation, references to legislation and information about the authors.
  • Editorial opinion may not coincide with the scientific point of view of the author.
  • The authors are solely responsible for the content of materials which should not contain information related to state, official or commercial secret.
  • The authors guarantee that the submitted materials have not been published previously.
  • Articles that have the unique text less than 90% are rejected.