Requirements to the articles

Main requirements to the content of copyright material

Scientific (practical) article. In the introductory part there should be justification of topic’s urgency and advisability. In the main part it is necessary to disclose the research problem, their solutions, the justification of possible outcomes and the reliability of outcomes. In the final part it is necessary to formulate conclusions and recommendations and to indicate possible directions for the further research.

Review. The most important and perspective directions of the development of science should be analysed, сompared and indentified in the review. There should be demonstrated contradictory views on the development of scientific knowledge. The author should describe the various contradictory views on the development of scientific knowledge and draw conclusions.

You should send a copyrighted material that includes following elements: a title, an information about authors, an abstract, keywords, references.

Information about the authors includes following elements: the initials and surname of the author; academic degree, academic title; position or occupation; place of work, study (name of institution or organization, the settlement), including the unit (Department, faculty); contact information (E-mail or other contact information, to indicate in the journal); the name of the country (for foreign authors). The author's name appears in the nominative case. In team work the names of authors are given in their accepted order.

The abstract should include a description of the main theme, the scientific article’s problems, article’s goals and results. Recommended average volume of the abstract is 500 print marks.

Keywords are selected from the text and placed in a separate line after the abstract and before the text of published manuscript. Keywords are given in the Nominative case.

References. The bibliographic part of article should be presented by bibliographic references and bibliographies at the end of material. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the information, accuracy of citing and links to official documents and other sources. Foreign spelling is given in brackets, except for references to the literature.

The abstract and keywords are presented in English and Russian languages to be published in the journal.

Requirements for execution.

The volume of the copyrighted material should not be less than 7 pages of A4 format, printed with 1,5 line spacing, Times New Roman font size – 14. Illustrations and tables should be numbered and provided with titles and captions.

Submission to the editorial office.

Together with the author's original article, prepared in accordance with the requirements, the author should submit an application-agreement to the publication (download).

All articles submitted by authors for publication in the journal are reviewed according to the regulations on reviewing.

Materials should be sent:

  • by e-mail:
  • to the postal address: 141090, Russian Federation, Moscow region, Korolyov, md. Jubileny, Pionerskaya st., 1/4, office L.

Other conditions

  • Articles sent to the editorial office without compliance of the conditions of publication, are not considered.
  • The magazine is published only in electronic form. The access to all issues of the magazine is free to all Internet users on the website:
  • For statements you can request the reference of the publication of the article.